Alive and Kicking

Amanda Beatty

I want to run, I want to climb.
I want to chase the uncharted sea.
I want to do something with this time.
This time that was given to me

For I know I could have died.
Instead, here I am now. Alive.
Yet, I still suffer deep inside,
And I wonder if this ache will ever subside.

The pain is a dagger twisting in my side,
Sore, bloody, bruised. Throbbing.
This torment, I cannot push aside.
I want to live, but not like this.

I cannot run and I cannot climb,
So what can I do with this gift?
What can I do with this time?
I want to live, but not like this!

Swirling, spinning, going insane!
I scream at night and I cry in pain.
Knowing I will never be the same,
Something is broken in my brain.

How do I move on? I have tried.
I am stuck in an abyss,
In this pit, where I reside.
I want to live, but not like this.

Still I continue to search and try,
Still I endeavor to leave the pit.
So I will struggle to crawl, and I will rise.
For one day I will live and not like this.

As long as, I am still alive and kicking.