Alisa Chen

You were once a shining star
Heaven’s holiest tear
Imbued with iridescent rage
All the people would fear

Even the high horses would bow
To be graced by your presence
Small-town America you awoke
From her slumber of senescence

Oh, it is truly the Götterdämmerung
Without your earthly residence
For in the chaos of a forbidden age
Rulers are rising from peasants

You call upon the masses
To worship you onstage
But in their story of novelty
You have lost your page

Your words roll off their backs
Mere water in a silvery shower
Lamentations against the world
Have lost their staying power

You have cast out from court
All that you claim to find dear
Stuck between liberty and love
Fated to never hold one near

Tonight, one of them will bring
To you the very end you fear
In your treachery of a thousand
For her you never shed a tear