Bushra Elsnousi

Take it all.
Just take it.
And do not stall.
If I am of measurable use,
Use me.
If not, when you overlook the heavens,
In your ultimate glory,
Know—and you should with no declaration—
I have spent my joy and sorrow
Toward you,
As I did my best to follow
The many dreams.

So come, come by,
Let me look at the sky
And wonder why
The sun shines in burning gold?

Bright sunny day,
Scene so serine,
Along the shores of beautiful sea,
Earth upon which I walk
Treats me kindly
And I leave many replies.
I run to the Ferris wheel
And it keeps on going up and down
I overlook the city stretched
Lit by a single candle
That is my fragile,
Fearless love.

So come, come by,
Let’s look at the sky
And wonder why
The moon shines through pitch black?

Tranquil night,
Calm as you like,
The imagination that keeps me asleep,
Awakens me.
In the calamity of motion.
Motion is the enemy.
Very few may stop to observe,
From which is served,
The few true creations
Of the created.
Carved through painful love

—willingly and unwillingly—
Love is beyond the apparent.
It exists on its own.
And mine is such—I claim—
A flame with innate light,
And with the light,
I burn.

So come, come by,
Let’s look at the sky
And wonder why
A constellation dies in navy blue?

Take me back,
If I may,
For I want to ask
If I could stay.
I want to show
What I can’t say.
O, why,
Could I—a kid—only pray
To distract one from each sharp display?