Crossing Waters

Kaiylah M. O’Quinn

Two rivers cross one another
The fish who float below must be brothers
Must know themselves better than no other
Being born from two separate mothers

Swimming faster than the currents can muster
To a new stream, free of these gutters
And to utter the words that were hard to say aloud
Was challenging to do from underneath the ground

Left silent. I am without sound
To pray my rosary above the ground
Within the hymns is where it was found
The place of solace, the place where the fish were bound

The place of mystery, the heavenly grounds
A world of history, fabrics made into long gowns
To be crowned majesty with joy inbound
And the way things typically go in the cold left me renounced

Of worldly pleasures. The fantasies made from sounds
Had I been searching long enough I’d had found
Some place hidden amidst the clouds. In the clear
Where only there is when I’d come near

The divinity that blossomed through me
A yellow light that casted away defeat
Harmonies that conquered all enemies
My inner strength and soul to keep

I know a Lord that instills peace
A time hold on and a time to release
Balancing both bargains began beneath
Where fish float below in a stream I cannot reach

Both eyes open pretending not to peak
I am swimming in melodies and cannot speak
Smiling bright whilst kicking my feet
To reach for a dream I have yet to foresee.