My Home Is With You

Michaela Elkins


You don’t have to hurt, you don’t have to cry.
Don’t dig in the dirt, just because I wave goodbye.
You say “what am I supposed to do,”
Don’t worry, I’ll be right home to you.
Just hold on for a little while.
I will be home to make you smile.


Sure, I’m gonna miss you, sure I will be sad.
But I don’t think that everything is gonna be that bad.
Maybe we will talk every day and I won’t go away so long.
I just know that you are afraid so I’m writing you this song.



If it’s more than you can take, then make no mistake,
I’ll be home to you, and my love will be true.
And when you’re alone I promise I’ll be home,
Just you wait and see.
When it gets dark out, I’ll hold my heart out,
For you to take from me.