How I Wish

Derrick Ashford

The morning comes.
She graces the denizens
Of Earth, weary from the battle

Of Night. Her light pierces through
My window; an unavoidable bullet,
Stinging my eyes like one.

But the bullet doesn’t strike you.
It glides around your body as it
Wraps your figure; a blanket of light.

You astound me with the deep brown
Eyes that stare back at me. How does
Thy eyes remain full of wonder and

Purity, yet it has seen the spoils
Of life’s endless war? How can your
Eyes be that blessed?

Be still, my racing heart. Enjoy
The warmth of their touch as they
Pull you closer in love’s embrace.

My fingers trace the side of your face,
Smooth like silk and firm with resolve. My nail
Politely gliding across your clean cheek,

A porcelain piece of beauty.

How the curves of your body so
Comfortably sits on mine,
I, the puzzle board and

You, the pieces.
The purity of your heart evident
By your calm drum beat. I

Attempt to imitate the
Rhythm, and in time, our hearts

When you dive into my chest
With your head, I lose my earthly
Desires. I merely wish to remain

Here. To bask in your affection,
Listen to your empty protests of
Leaving the bed, yet here we are,

Remaining in the un-suffocating
Silence of the morning’s concert.
The world doesn’t need us for

A few more minutes, maybe
Longer. Let’s stay here.
Just for a little while longer.

How I wish this moment can
Be similar to a photograph:

Forever encapsulating a golden memory
And overflowing
Of emotions and heart.