Creature (Sestina)

Cedrick Klein

A thunderstorm is brewing up in the old attic today
And that deathly creature hidden away in there is growling
Before you know it, that damned thing is gonna be here soon
It’s gonna create a hell of a mess dripping black bile on the carpet
Whimpering as I see it cry a flurry of bloody tears
I’d best get to fixing that shining silver padlock sometime

Doesn’t that ghastly beast have to get tired of the sobs sometime?
I can’t babysit it forever now, I’ve got much to do today
I’m watching it painfully stutter about, almost moved to tears
Suddenly glaring at me now, its stomach growling
You’ve already been fed, look at the crumbs left upon the carpet!
It’s driving me mad, it has to go or I might get attached soon.

I’ve been patiently awaiting your letter, I hope it arrives soon.
Ideally, your response about this mess is in the mailbox sometime
The little gremlin bit me today, crimson blood on my new carpet
If it has anymore outlandish outbursts, I might lose it today
I’m at my last rope here, it feels like a lion inside me is growling
Like loose yarn in a blanket, my sanity is coming out by tears

In the summertime the beast is much calmer yet the silence tears
Tears through my mind with the idea something’s coming soon
Maybe a nefarious beast will come forth howling and growling
Wishing on a star you weren’t so busy—I need connection sometime
The hot sun shines beautifully out on the old dingy park today
I want to go out but I find myself still curled up face down on the carpet

The creature is somewhat still dormant but still I hear it scratching the carpet
I don’t understand it, a pleasant morning yet its snores bring watery tears
The mirror showed me a pale figure from the pits of Hades today
Sleep deprived and exhausted, I’m gonna have to pass out pretty soon
In the fridge everythings gone bad and I need to clean it out sometime
Rotting food, I’m not even hungry yet my stomach won’t stop growling

Acceptance of relentless pursuit in my dim eyes when I hear that monstrosity growling
In its presence rests a piercing smirk, rising up from off the carpet
What’s the point anymore? It’s always going to come back sometime
The wallpaper of resistant determination peeling off in tears
I’m begging you to please answer me here—rapidly and very soon
I think I’ll just watch the world unfold from outside my window today.

Hours passed laying in bed today as my gaze fixates on the carpet
Hollow wind growling through the trees and upon my face-dried tears
I really want to give up soon, I hope my whispered prayers are heard sometime.