First Date

Aaron Lucas

i go and park my car,
and you pull up next to mine,
the walk to yours was far,
but only took ten seconds time

i go to open your car door,
and it pops like a fireworks shell;
try to plant my feet on the floor,
but whiff the air freshener’s smell

take a drive a little rough
while we talk about our favorite shows,
you’re into that reality stuff;
for me it’s fiction, i suppose

the pizza shop we headed to;
you wanted toppings that i don’t
but i tell you it will do;
even though i think it won’t

you want some ice cream next,
so i say that i do too;
tell me the place you think is best,
i say i agree with you

i had a vanilla cone
while you drank a chocolate shake;
i try to chat but have a shaky tone,
because it’s hard not being fake

i see it’s getting late,
and the sky is turning red;
i tell you it was great,
but i think of all i should have said