Black Woman

Kiera Matthews

Before anything,
I am a Woman.
Scratch that,
I am a Black Woman.
I am the pinnacle of strength.
I am the bringer of life.
Before a Wife,
Before a Mother,
Before a Worker,
Before a Slave.
I am a Black Woman.
I am a walking Chest with an “X” on my surface.
Inside lies treasures that I save.
By the power invested in me,
I won’t dare let it be taken away by the likes of you.
I don’t care what you want,
Can care less what you need.
You don’t own the mouth of those I have to feed.
I am a garden, and my protector has planted his seed.
Love, Respect, and Selflessness had been my creed.
But the day that MAN betrayed ME
I promised to myself that I…
Will not bow down
To the order of ANYONE
But me.
I am in control now.
I have to lead, Alone.
I have to protect, Alone.
In the words of an animated
Double agent,
“There is no man in the world that can tell me what to do”
I will not have it
And what I say is true.
You shall not have access to anything on me.
It is MINE.
You shall not have access to anything inside of me.
It is MINE.
This precious life
You must be crazy
If you think that you can just
From me.
Honey, you don’t know half of my story.
You wouldn’t understand if I told you.
As the least protected,
I am the least expected
To thrive by my lonely.
But I have a power,
And I have become restless.
You hate what you can’t control,
So you label me RECKLESS,
Lazy, irresponsible, mad…
In reality,
I am beyond advanced.
The universe’s energy is in the palm of my HAND.
My blood, sweat and tears
Run from beneath this land to a Mountain’s peak.
I am a Black Woman,
Listen to me Speak.