Wonders of the World

Lavinia Roberts

Welcome to Wonders of the World Travel Agency! I’m Cheryl, your humble, happy to help, holographic travel agent. Please browse our complimentary selection of agents to select another helpful hologram, at no extra charge.

Are you getting tired of toxic air? Have you just had it up to here with wildfires? Is all this flooding finally starting to get to you? Then now is the time for you to get away from the storm surges and sweltering heat waves with Wonders of the World Travel Agency!

Whether you are looking to beat the heat or just looking to take a deep breath of fresh air without the use of a respirator, we here at Wonders of the World Travel Agency have dozens of pristine and pollutant-free places for you to pack up and put up your feet. Get ready to get away from the mound of plastic cluttering up your life and get ready to relax and rejuvenate on the vacation of your dreams!

If you are looking for a beachside resort, look no further than gorgeous Greenland. With temperate temperatures year-round, Greenland is the number one vacation spot in the world. Home to the rich and famous, you won’t want to miss out on celebrity spotting on this fantastic getaway. Enjoy strolling along the plastic-free beach, although it is advised that you still wear your full body, UV protective gear.

Greenland is home to various amazing attractions, like the Arctic Animal Animatronic Park. See state-of-the-art robotic creations of various fantastical creatures, like the arctic fox or the polar bear. Take a selfie with a walrus! You won’t want to miss out on these mechanical marvels. The fun never goes extinct, even if the animals have, at the Arctic Animal Animatronic Park.

If you are looking for culture and a chic city, check out America’s fastest-growing metropolis and new national capital, Minneapolis! Minnesota is the most populated state in the US, but don’t let that deter you. Climate migrants across the country flocked here for the temperate temperatures and fantastic weather and you might want to take root here!

Visit Little Florida and learn about the history and culture of the now-flooded state from the descendants of the Floridians that migrated there. Taste the government-issued ration packets, that come in over 100 different flavors! Tantalize your taste buds with exotic choices like orange or chocolate.

We make sure that all your daily rations, accommodations, paperwork, and protective gear are taken care of, so you can spend your time enjoying your vacation, not planning it. All our packages come with carbon footprint taxes and environmental footprintfees, as well as some one-of-a-kind swag. Book today and receive a complimentary Wonders of the World Travel Agency acid-rainproof jacket, as well as, a nifty drinkin straw that can clear away ninety-five percent of the heavy metals and radioactive elements from your drinking water, courtesy of our partnership with United Fracking, for when you’re on the go. You don’t need to be in the moon mining business to enjoy a relaxing getaway. Wonders of the World Travel Agency has more payment plan options than California has forest fires. If taking a vacation physically isn’t in your budget, browse our host of amazing virtual vacations and download one to your headset today!

Go back in time and experience the Amazon rainforest from the comfort of your own barracks. And don’t forget to check out our unbeatable specials! This month, buy one virtual State Park trip and get another fifty percent off.

You won’t want to miss out on our best-selling virtual tour: The Lost City of New York. See what the city looked like around the turn of the millennium, before its wonders were lost to the depths of the ocean. Take a tour in an ancient vehicle called a “taxi.” Marvel at the birthplace of some of the great leaders of the United Corporations of America.

We here at Wonders of the World Travel Agency want to let you focus on making memories while we do the documenting. We will create a dozen digital selfies, so you can share your virtual travels on your social media platforms, at no extra charge!

Who knows what tomorrow may bring or if tomorrow will even happen! So, go on a Wonders of the World Tour today! There are worlds of wonder waiting for you! Get out there and see the world, while you can!