Little Fox

Rachel Sanchez

Do you see me? I see you
Do you see me like I see you?
You, who are as mysterious as the
Sienna forest of your eyes.
You, whose soul is like the Cadmean vixen,
As ethereal as the stars.

I see you little fox, running through the trees.
Do you see me little fox, quietly observing?
Do you know me little fox? I am the sun that delights,
The cold of the snow.
I am the warmth of your den at night, and
The crisp air of mornings first bite.

Oh! Little fox, how I long to run beside you.
What joy to see you dance in a meadow’s spring dew.
To watch your cunning eyes light up with new discoveries.
Playing to our heart’s content, collapsing side by side
After our festivities.

But, you do not see me; not like I see you.
Will you ever know the mystery of my forest?
Will your eyes ever know the ethereal in what they view?
Perhaps, one day little fox,
You will see me like I see you.