Glittering Girl

Sydney Simpson

I admire the stars
and the moon so full and bright
when another illumination catches my eye

the flashing of fluorescent lights in the distance
beckons me
and the faraway whisper of music and screams
is like a siren
calling my name
on this previously calm,
relaxing night

now, I no longer wish to rest,
fore the thumping of the beat
and excitement in the air,
that seems to have traveled in the wind
from the place of commotion
bellows so hypnotically
I cannot resist

I follow it—
without direction or purpose
I follow the music and the beaming light
to my destiny

there you are,
my people
who greet me with metaphorical
open arms
and buy me potions
to make me gleeful and hypnotic
as you put me in a trance

my head feels like a ripe melon
as I bob it up and down
I am a glowstick in the night—
a vodka cranberry being chugged—
and I am the beautiful girl dancing by herself
in her own drunken trance
with the confidence unmatched
but by God itself
dancing to a beat which no one else can hear—
the rhythm of life

I sway my body back and forth
and kick my legs to and fro
as if possessed by the holy spirit
so that you crowd me,
hold me,
embrace me,
love me,
for one night

kiss me, you cowards
hug me and don’t let go
until the sun shines
and don’t ask questions—
you may have me for just one nigh

one befuddled, glorious night