Jonathan Brooks

The little dog and the big man were quite the happy duo. Whenever fellow travelers caught sight of them on the town’s sidewalks, smiles were inevitable and instantaneous. Some folks even said the two friends looked alike. Now, the man thought that idea ridiculous. The dog, however, didn’t seem to be bothered by the comparison. The little dog knew he was the big man’s best friend. The big man loved the little dog unconditionally; he just wasn’t certain he wanted to resemble a pug.

Big man answered to the name of Alfred. The little dog’s preferred name was Buster. Buster and Alfred were inseparable. One guided the other all across town. The other carried a plastic bag in case of emergencies. Alfred was often spotted in a fancy hat and Buster could many times be seen wearing a handsome royal blue bandana. The happy duo just knew that they were the talk of the town.

Buster started barking on Main Street. His bark was mild at best. It was cute and not in any way frightening. Although Alfred felt his best friend was making quite the ruckus. He reached into his front shirt pocket to snag a treat or two. The dog saw what the man was up to and he ceased with the barking. Two seconds later the treats were thoroughly enjoyed and all was well again in the life and times of Buster. Alfred wished he would’ve remembered to pack a peanut butter and honey sandwich for himself. Why should man’s best friend get a snack while man goes hungry?

Main Street of course led to the park. Now it wasn’t one of those upscale dog parks; it was simply a regular park. Children would come to swing on the swings. Adults would enjoy their daily walks. An occasional book reader could be spotted on a bench. Late at night teenagers would hang out at the pavilion and talk a lot because, of course, they knew everything. The little dog and big man were in love with the park’s peacefulness.

Alfred believed that peace and quiet could be often difficult to discover. Buster never gave much thought to the issue because his dog intelligence was lesser than the smarts of his beloved master. However, both dudes were at peace in the calm of the park.

The inseparable and joyful team of two took a bench seat. Alfred pulled Buster up close and Buster rested his chin on the big man’s lap. This is the life, both fellows thought. Then the peaceful calm was disrupted. Not all was lost, however. No, this was a gorgeous disruption. It was like bread from the heavens. It was unexpected and highly appreciated. It was a woman, lovely as could be, and her small friend. The small friend just so happened to be in the form of a female pug. Buster’s eyes grew even buggier than usual. Alfred’s eyes stayed the same size, but he began wearing a grande-sized smile. The dudes were lacking words and barks for a few moments. There’s nothing quite like the sight of two beautiful ladies to make two aspiring gentlemen’s minds grow foggy.

The female pug showed off her big eyes to Buster. She went by the name of Philomena. Her master showed off a venti-sized smile to Alfred. Her name was Sandra. Then the conversation, laughter, sniffing, barking, and licking began. It was a friendship and puppy love built for four. Man and woman and woman and man’s best friends were quite the quartet.

Big man and little dog had made two new friends. They wore just the right smiles and barked precisely the right barks. It was a match made wherever the best matches were manufactured. Friendship and love were in the air as all of their eyes grew wide.