Poetry Fall 2023

*Jon Tribble Memorial Award Winner
**Editor Work

Alessandra Nicholson—All Great Empires Must Fall*

Bushra Elsnousi—Constellation

Bushra Elsnousi—Alien

Cyrian Mills—Our Father

Derrick Ashford—Fall

Jason Thompson—Life is a Gift

Laura Hinshaw—Dash of Red in the Tree

Porsche Garrett—Grief**

Jenna Ribbing—The People vs. Sustainable Architecture

Ashley Mueth—That Gorgeous Man in the Window

Elisabeth Mitbo—Curiosity Killed the Cat

Mary Schellenberg—Balance

Lara Oues—A String of Fate

Morgan Mitchell—Crook**

Amber Koteras—So Strong, So Brave

Jason Thompson—Remember Me Honestly

Katrina Jesse—Stormy Cauldron

Brett Lynch—Purgatory

Wilda Morris—Twenty-first Century Sonneteer

Derrick Ashford—How I Wish

Wilda Morris—In Memphis

Sarah Ramsey—A Árbol

Thom Goodin—Postprandial

Laura Hinshaw—new crabapple ripens on the tree that grows beside the sidewalk

Hayley Franklin—my emotions are the waves of the ocean

Cecilia Lee—Winter’s Wrath

Sydney Davis—Silk Eyes

Cecilia Lee—I Should Have Walked With You

Bushra Elsnousi—Bigger

Anastasia Simms—Crush