Poetry 2023

*Jon Tribble Memorial Award Winner
**Editor Works

Kaiylah M. O’Quinn—Crossing Waters

Jo Christian—Seeing Ghosts

Jo Christian—The Flood

Rogelio Bello—Origin of Autumn

Audrey Brumley—Paper Poison

Audrey Brumley—The Name the Stars Call

Audrey Brumley—Giants and Beasts

Tatem Herdina—Bleeding Hearts and Snowflakes**

Alexander Jones—The Pillar*

Tatem Herdina—If I Thought the World Had Ended**

Elliot LeGrange—Retrospective

Brenden Petty—Where I Melt

Brenden Petty—The Grapevine

Breden Petty—Perhaps

Jaedyn Vela—Selfish Reminders to Selfless Motivators & a God Who Redeems

Jaedyn Vela—Sow in Tears, Reap with Joy

David Chen—Galapagos

Jonathon Brooks—Wisdom in Disguise

Elissia Kimball—Earth Skin

Rachel Robinson—Falling Asleep During a Thunderstorm

Alexander Jones—Dryad’s Dance

Laura Wilson—Ode to Canoeing the Chain of Lakes in Eagle River, Wisconsin

Kieleha Ingram—Summer Breaks End

Sydney Davis—Change

Dane Johns—’04 Hoshi’s Summer Mix, Vol. 1

Bushra Elsnousi—Africa

Bushra Elsnousi—Diaries of a Homeless Man

Paul Vanni—Self-Eviction

Paul Vanni—Unresolved

Paul Vanni—Collection

Francesca Burkett—Ducklings

Francesca Burkett—Close of the Day

Johnessa Griffin—Cannibalism

Cyrian Mills—Pearly Whites

Jacklynn Uhlig—Oral Fixation

Robin McCauley—Being Fluid

Abigail Robinson—Prescription Brain Killer

Mackenzie Delisle—Sunrise Is Here

Keith Hoerner—Making It Back to Shore With No Sign of You on the Horizon

Porsche Garrett—The White Room

Ashley Mueth—Transfigured Wings**

Austin Phelps—They Kicked the Puppy**