Poetry 2023

Jaedyn Vela — Selfish Reminders to Selfless Motivators & a God Who Redeems, Sow in Tears, Reap in Joy

David Jones — The Pillar, Dryad’s Dance

Cryian Mills — Pearly Whites

Francesca Burkett — Close of the Day, Ducklings

Paul Vanni — Unresolved, Collection, Self Eviction

Johnessa Griffin — Cannibalism

Dane Johns — 04 Yoshi’s Summer Mix, Vol. 1

Sydney Davis — Change

Linda Flowers — But Still we VOTE

Kieleha Ingram — Summer Break

Bushra Elsnousi — Diaries of a Homeless Man, Africa

Erin Oden — Christmas

Robin McCauley — Being Fluid

Clover Robinson — Twinks, Prescription Brain Killer

Jacklynn Uhlig — Oral Fixation

David Chen — Galapagos

Lizabeth Engelmeier — Retrospective, Lineage

Kaiylah M. O’Quinn — Crossing Waters: An Epiphany

Elissia Kimball — Earth Skin

Jonathon Brooks — Wisdom in Disguise

Audrey Brumley — Giants and Beasts, Paper Poison, The Name the Stars Call

Rachel Robinson — Falling Asleep on a Stormy Night

Rogelio Bello — Origin of Autumn

Brendan Petty — Perhaps, Where I Melt

Laura Wilson — Ode to Canoeing the Chain of Lakes

Jo Christian —