Poetry 2022

*Jon Tribble Memorial Award Winner
**Editor Work

Cedrick Klein—To My Father*
Conor Gleason—Little Brother
Erin Philpott Childers—If You Could
Erin Philpott Childers—A Light Still Burns Within
Erin Philpott Childers—The Garden
Sydney Simpson—Don’t Whistle in the Woods
Sydney Simpson—Glittering Girl
Jacob Butlett—Grandma Dee’s Voice
Jacob Butlett—Ecstatic
Jacob Butlett—Mournful Meditation
Jaedyn Vela—The Triangle
Rachel Sanchez—Stardust
Vail B. Edwards—Two Left Feet
Jeremiah Ellison—Winter Wonderland
Alisa Chen—Götterdämmerung
Alisa Chen—One Year as a Lion
Michaela Elkins—My Home Is With You
Jennifer Annais Mc Sparin—Trial Real
Jennifer Annais Mc Sparin—Words to Free Thee
Jennifer Annais Mc Sparin—Nectar From Pearl River Sand
Amanda Beatty—Alive and Kicking
Eli Jovanovic—The Weight of Sanctuary
Beatriz Stanwood—The Oak
Beatriz Stanwood—Cosmic
Cedrick Klein—Creature
Blake Cardwell—Cornhobbling
Jesse Benedict—It is Still a Beautiful World
Aaron Lucas—july
Aaron Lucas—pointless couple
Aaron Lucas—first date
Sarah Denmark—Layers
Aubrey Kinsel—Parade
Bushra Elsnousi—Free
Francesca Burkett—City Lights
Francesca Burkett—Mourning Dove
Austin Phelps—Eight Legged Freak**
Adah Mays—A Dream for the Unseen
Kiera Matthews—Black Woman
River Byrnes—Summer’s Fall**
River Byrnes—Dawn of Spring**
Blake Selsor—Mona the Artistic Witch
Paul Vanni—Comfort
Paul Vanni—Self Inflicted
Paul Vanni—A Man Cried Out*
Ashley Mueth—Not My Knight**
Ashley Mueth—Beginning of Our Twenties**